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Whale Watching Adventures  

Montague Island Tours 

Discover your Wildside...  

Montague Island Discovery Tours Daily

Whale Watching Adventure aboard ECO 1

We Guarantee Whales!

Our Whale Watchiing Guides will take you on a guided Whale Watching  Adventure of a Lifetime!

Discover your Wildside and experience the unspoilt beauty of the Land of many Waters on the NSW Far South Coast as we take you on some of the most amazing wildlife tours on the planet.

Snorkelling with playful Seals in a pristine clear shallow bay at Montague Island is a truly uplifting experience and has been described as one of the top wildlife encounters in the world.

Large playful pods of dolphins will often escort our boat as they play in the bow wave.

Thousands of sea birds including the smallest penguin in the world the Little Penguin can be observed in the unspoilt beauty of Montague Island on our Montague Island Penguin Tour.

Majestic Humpback Whale Watching encounters, spectacular acrobatic displays or up close and personal with the gentle giants of the sea.

Diving with Seals at Montague Island.

Scuba Dive Montague Island for the most amazing interactive Seal Experience.

Join us for a Wildlife Adventure of a Lifetime at Narooma & Montague Island on the ultimate Montague Island Tour

If you have any questions about our tours just give us a call on 0412312478

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Book your 2019 Whale Watching  Adventure with Wazza before August 30th and save 10% on the ticket price!

100% Whale Guarantee! (No Whales we will take you on another trip for FREE!)

Best Whale Watching conditions are mornings during spring as the conditions in the morning are calm and  produce Amazing Whale Watching!

Come and see why we are voted Number 1 things to do in Narooma!


 Whale Watching ECO 1 Adventure 

 Discover your Wildside... From$69

  We Guarantee Whales!

 During the months of September to November warm ocean currents bring pods of migrating Humpback Whales close to shore making Narooma & Montague island one of the best Whale Watching destinations in the world!


Humpback Whales are the most acrobatic of all whales often putting on quite a spectacular show of breeches, tail slaps, pectoral slaps curious whales may approach the stationary vessel for a closer look with a majestic spy hop.


Later in the season mothers and calves swim close to shore side by side


Our Whale Watching vessel Eco 1 is a state of the art tour vessel purpose built to the same design as offshore rescue vessels and is perfect for the marine tourism industry.


Considered to be the safest and most stable boats in the world, the RIB Hull gives a smooth dry exhilarating ride!


Enjoy an exhilarating smooth whisper quiet ride aboard Eco 1 as we cruise along the picturesque coastline at speeds of up to 50 kilometres an hour, sounds like fun and means less time travelling more time with the whales


Our Whale Watching Adventure Tour also visits Montague Island for a wildlife Eco cruise and a chance for some fantastic photo opportunities getting up close and personal with NSW largest fur seal colony


Our tours are conducted respectfully to give our clients unique and intimate whale encounters and truly once in a life time experiences


Informed commentary from trained professional enthusiastic Crew & Eco Hosts add to the total Whale Watching Eco Experience


Wazza and his friendly team set the standard for excellence, let us take you, your family and friends on a truly memorable once in a lifetime Whale Watching Experience. 


Book- Now and save 10%


Book your 2018 Whale Watching Adventure before September 1st and save 10% on the ticket price!


 The Ultimate Montague Island Tour Experience!

Tours Depart to Montague Island Morning, Afternoon and Evenings daily and can be combined with Whale Watching Tours or Snorkelling with Seals for the Ultimate Montague Island Tour Experience.

Montague Island is a unique nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary located just nine kilometres off the coast of Narooma on the NSW far south coast. National Parks and Wildlife Services Tours to Montague Island can be booked year round and all NPWS Guided Tours enjoy a guided Lighthouse Tour.

Home to NSW largest permanent fur seal colony two species inhabit the rocky foreshore and protected bays both Australian and New Zealand Fur seals can be seen basking in the sun or enjoying a swim in the crystal clear waters.

Ninety species of sea birds can be found on Montague Island and during spring time tens of thousands of sea birds nest on Montague Island including thousands of Little Penguins which can be viewed returning to their burrows at sunset on our Montague Island NPWS Guided Discovery Penguin Sunset Tour.

Enriched in indigenous culture Buranguba holds a special and sacred place in the dreamtime story.

European settlement, maritime history and superior craftsmanship has stood the test of time. 

Montague Islands Lighthouse stands tall and proud, the 360 degree views  from the balcony at the very top on our Montague Island NPWS Guided Discovery Tour are nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful.


Wazza and his friendly team set the standard for excellence, let us take you your family and friends on a truly memorable once in a life time Montague Island Tour experience.



Snorkelling with Seals Adventure at Montague Island

Discover your Wildside... From$79

Wetsuits Included!

Snorkelling with Seals Adventure with Wazza is fun & safe for everyone. 

Imagine yourself snorkelling in a crystal clear shallow bay at Montague Island marvelling at the cheeky and playful Fur Seals. 

Let Wazza take you on an Adventure of a Lifetime! 

Island Eco Cruise with Delicious Snacks and Refreshments. 

Snorkelling brief and Extra instructions for beginners.

Awesome Fun & Highly Experienced Friendly Crew!

We only use the very best snorkelling equipment, TUSA & MARES masks also Full length 5mm & 3mm Wetsuits to keep you comfortable in the water & enhancing this wonderful experience!

Big Comfortable purpose built Snorkelling Vessel & Small Group Experience.

Our Awesome Tour Vessel ECO 1 Getting there is TRIPLE the FUN!!!

Let us take you on an Amazing Snorkelling with Seals Adventure.

Why not book a

Montague Island NPWS Discovery Tour & Snorkelling with Seals Adventure Combo!

Two of the most incredible experiences in the one Amazing Tour!

Wazza and his friendly team set the standard for excellence, let us take you, your family and friends on a truly memorable once in a lifetime Snorkelling with Seals experience. 

Book- Now and save 10% 

Book your 2019 Snorkelling with Seals Adventure

Eco 1 WILDSIDE Seal Safari 1 Hour

Montague Island Tour

Join us on the most Fun way to visit Montague Island 1 Hour Wildside Seal Express aboard our Awesome 11 Metre Tourism Rib ECO 1. Powered by 3x300 HP Yamaha High Performance Outboards 900HP its Tripple the Fun!!!

Visit Montague Island and enjoy a Seal & Wildlife cruise thats bound to put a smile on your face without busting your wallet!

From $39